Can dog eat watermelon?

Can dog eat watermelon? I received this question several times because it is a very refreshing fruit and provides many health benefits. So, people become curious to know that is it safe for their dog? The answer to this question is YES, your dog can eat watermelon, but you must remove the seeds and rind from the watermelon before serving it to your dog because seeds and rind are for the dog’s digestive system.

So, your dog can surely enjoy the taste and nutrients of watermelon.

What is watermelon?

Watermelon is a very refreshing fruit, which is known worldwide. In the world of science, its name is Citrullus lanatus. The watermelon belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. It has more than 1000 varieties.

The watermelon is native to Africa. But now, it is cultivated worldwide. The favourable climate for the watermelon is in the tropical to temperate regions.

Watermelon has a tough and thick rind outside and a tiny seed inside. The pulp of watermelon is reddish-pink in colour. It can be eaten alone or as salad, and you can also drink watermelon juices as a refresher on a sunny day.

Nutritional value of watermelon?

Watermelon is rich in nutrients. It is low fat and low calorie treats for everyone, as 100 grams of watermelon contains 30 calories. Other essential nutrients in the 100 grams of watermelon are as follows:

NutrientsAmount in grams% daily value
Total fat0.2 grams0%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Sodium1 mg
Potassium112 mg3%
Dietary fibers0.4 gram1%
Sugar6 grams
Vitamin A11%
Protein0.6 grams1%
Vitamin C13%
Vitamin D0%
Vitamin B-60%

Is watermelon safe for the dogs?

Yes! Watermelon is entirely safe for dogs. You only have to keep some point in your mind like must remove the seed of watermelon, remove the rind of watermelon and quantity of water for your dog, then you can freely serve watermelon treat to your dog.

Watermelon has placed in the superfood category because of its rich nutrients and health benefits. Watermelon is 90% water, so it always keeps your dog hydrated. And dietary fibers in the watermelon keep the digestive system healthy.

Health benefits of watermelon to dogs

Watermelon provides several health benefits to your dog as follows:

Maintain an excellent digestive system

Watermelon has a high content of dietary fibers. And dietary fibers are excellent to maintain the excellent health of the digestive system. If your dog has a sound digestive system, your dog can enjoy the health benefits of different foods.


The watermelon is about 90-95% water. So, it is advantageous to keep your dog hydrated and fresh for a long time. A hydrated body will feel active and fresh, so your dog will feel healthy.

Boost immunity

The presence of vitamin C and vitamin A gives the guarantee to boost the immune system. So, by providing the watermelon, you will strengthen the immune system of your dog.

Repair the damaged tissues

The antioxidants are present in the watermelon, and antioxidant very good for the repairing of damaged tissues. The antioxidants prevent free radicals in the body, decrease the signs of aging in the dog and make you look younger and feel active.

Support the excellent vision of the dog

Lycopene is a compound that gives the reddish-pink colour to the watermelon. The research claimed that this compound is suitable to support healthy eye vision.

Prevent from cancer

The antioxidants present in the watermelon play a very significant role to prevent cancer. The compound lycopene is also good to avoid the body from cancer. Research showed that lycopene slows the growth of cancerous cells.

Improves muscle functions

Potassium is crucial to regulate the healthy movement of muscles. And watermelon contains a good amount of potassium. So, by giving potassium, you are making the muscle and muscular movements of the dog healthy.

Improves brain functioning

Watermelon contains vitamin B-6. This vitamin B-6 is beneficial for healthy brain functioning. So, by giving a treat of watermelon, you are not just providing tasty food to your dog but also improving the brain functions of your dog.

Serving tips of watermelon for dogs

Most of them, like dogs, like to eat watermelon. And they will eat watermelon in every form, even in raw form. But there are some easy and exciting serving tips to give watermelon to your dog:

Raw watermelon

Dog enjoy eating raw and fresh watermelon. You have to cut the pink pulpy part of watermelon into small pieces and make sure you have removed all the seeds from the watermelon, and serve it to your dog.

Frozen watermelon

In summer, watermelon is the best treatment for anyone and your dog too. And if you give your dog chilled watermelon, it will be the beats treat for the dog on a hot sunny day. So, have to remove the rind and the seeds of the watermelon, cut the watermelon into small cubes, and freeze these cubes. After these watermelon cube freeze, serves them to your dog. Your dog will surely enjoy this treat.

Watermelon puree

To make a watermelon puree and serve it to your dog is also a perfect option. You have to remove the rind and seeds of the watermelon and cut the watermelon into small pieces. Now put these watermelon pieces in the blender and make a smooth puree. And serve it to your dog.

Fruit puree

Fruit puree will be a delicious treat for the dog. You can take watermelon along with all the fruits which are safe for the dog and blend them to make a smooth fruit puree and serve it to your dog.

Watermelon juice

You can give watermelon juice to your dog. by providing watermelon juice to your dog, your dog will feel energetic instantly. Because the watermelon juice is a refreshing drink for the dog.

Warning about watermelon for dog

Watermelon is safe for dogs, but you must keep some points in your mind while giving watermelon to your dog. These warnings or point of concerns are as follows:

  • Remove the watermelon rind before giving watermelon to your dog because it is hard for the dog to digest and cause stomach problems.
  • Remove the seeds of watermelon before giving it to your dog. Seeds are also hard for the digestive system of dogs to digest.
  • Always keep the amount of watermelon given to the dog in moderation because the sugar content in the watermelon melon is high. Please don’t give it to the diabetic dog without consulting the vet.


Is watermelon toxic to dogs?

No watermelon is not toxic to dogs. You can give it without any tension as remove the seed and remove the rind of the watermelon. After removing the seeds and peel, you can give them to your dog, providing many health benefits to your dog.

How much watermelon is good for the dog?

We must keep in mind that there is also a high sugar content and beneficial nutrients. So, we should not give too much watermelon to the dog. You can provide a cup of watermelon to the dog. But avoid giving it to a dog regularly.

You must consult your dog’s vet to ensure how much watermelon is suitable for your dog.


Watermelon is a tasty and refreshing fruit. And it is entirely safe for your dog. You can give it to your dog after removing the ring and seeds of the watermelon. It provides many health benefits to the dog. But if your dog is diabetic, you should not give the watermelon to the dog because it contains a high sugar content.

Staying on the safe side, you must take the vet’s advice before giving watermelon or anything to your dog for the first time.

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