Feeding Boxers Dogs Puppies Adulthood

Feeding Boxers Dogs Puppies Adulthood

Dogs are regarded as one of the most loyal companions of a person. In return for their loyalty, they deserve a balanced and proper diet plan according to their weight and age.

Here you will know the proper method of feeding boxers’ dogs’ puppies. Boxer puppies are highly in need of an accurate number of calories and ingredients in their diet to make sure that their growth and development occurs properly.

Boxer puppies are choosy eaters thus they require special treatment when it comes to feeding them.

As they are one of those breeds of puppies that have really sensitive stomachs so they are advised by the vets to eat only what suits them and experimenting with their diet is never a good idea.

Here is the list of things that are safest to feed their dog:

  • Kibble
  • Wet food
  • Raw BARF
  • Homemade diets

They need a change in their diet after every two weeks of their growth both in quantity and type.

Following is a detailed description of what and how to feed your puppy with his increasing age.

2 to 4-week-old boxer puppy

When a puppy is 2-weeks old, he is still under the care of his mother for milk and care. He is yet to open his eyes any time this week.

This is the time when the puppy is not on himself at all. You need to take proper care of it and try not to feed anything else than mother milk.

In some cases, when a puppy has an elder sibling, he might not get enough milk. So, it is advised to feed the younger puppy with milk before the elders.

Elders can eat other stuff but young puppies completely rely on mother milk so they need it more than their elder siblings.

Once a dog enters the third week of his life he gets doubled in size. His food requirements start to increase eventually.

Though its food requirements increase but yet it should not be fed with any other food item. Just its requirement of milk increases according to its body weight.

Now the puppy can have a look at the world as now he had opened his eyes.

Being a boxer puppy, it will demand much less milk than it requires so there is a need to keep a special check on whether its needs are fulfilled or not.

You have to keep an eye on the physical changes and judge the requirement of milk for him to keep him physically fit.

Once the puppy enters the fourth week of his life, here is required to be introduced to some solid food.

It is really necessary to use the best possible techniques to introduce puppy food to the beginner. so, for that, you need to mix a good amount of water into puppy food so it could have a soupy consistency.

This is the time when the pups start to rely less on mother milk and demand a change in their diet that can meet up their daily requirement of nutrition.

Give him a free hand to choose between mother milk and some semi-solid food as yet he is small enough to be forced to eat heavy food.

In a few weeks or days, he himself will demand a change in his diet and some other items rather than just milk or soupy dog food.

4 to 6-weeks old boxer puppy

While your pups were in the fourth week of their life, they were less demanding as by nature all boxers are not that demanding.

But once they start moving towards the fifth week of their life you can carry on their diet of soupy dog food if it suits their stomach. Try making it less soupy by increasing the proportion of dog food in the mixture.

In the 6th week of their life, they are one their way to getting away from milking and trying new tastes, and see new colors of life.

Now you can start to decrease the amount of water in your pups’ diet so his stomach could become used to solid foods.

As now the boxer puppies start to develop more choosy behavior towards eating you will notice him demanding new tastes earlier than other dogs.

Here they might start to develop their teeth due to which their mother might avoid nursing then more often so alternative diets become necessary.

6 to 8-weeks old boxer puppy

Now the puppy is 6 weeks old and should be fed 4 times a day as now you have a decreased amount of water in the mixture.

Firstly, make the proportion of ½ food and ½ water then eventually increase it to ¾ food and ¼ water once they enter in 7th week of their life.

Keep them being nursed by their mother if they do so but along with it keep feeding them regularly. You may notice the mother avoiding her pups for nursing so you need to make sure some alternative sources of food are provided.

Allow them to rely completely on dog food so their stomach can get used to it. This breed of dogs has very sensitive stomach so they need to be treated with more attention and care.

Now comes the 8th-week phase of your pup’s life where he is no more in need of mother milk. It highly depends upon your dog what amount of diet It requires but generally, an 8-week-old puppy requires 2 bowls of food.

So feed your dog according to its need so it does not feel leftover. An 8-week-old puppy is regarded as enough young to start its journey towards eating solid food.

Now his teeth are strong enough to tear and grind food on their own thus you can feed them sub soft solid food without any hesitation.

8 to 10- week old boxer puppy

At this age, the group puppy is regarded as a grown-up pup now. Now he is all ready to taste new items and see whether it suits it or not.

You should feed your dog two cups of food a day. And it highly depends on your dog and its physical activity that what he needs to be fed.

Do not overfeed the boxer as it can cause him bloating. This is because they have really sensitive

stomach and their eating habits highly differ from other dogs of the same age but different breeds.

By the time when your dog gets 9 weeks, it gets used to the environment and people around it and feel freer in showing their demands on what they want to eat.

Moreover, if you will like switching your dog to some other dog food make sure you switch it slowly so you could observe what effect it has on your dog.

In addition to that sudden change may affect your puppy’s stomach so be careful while switching their diets.

Now comes the 10th week of your dog’s life where your dog eats twice the amount of an adult boxer as it is the age where he develops his physical health. And this period is regarded as a growing period of the dog.

They require more calories and fat as they are really active in this period thus require more energy.

But you should not keep it on its own to eat as much as he wants because he may bloat and upset their stomach.

10 to 12-week old boxer puppy

This phase of puppy is regarded as the active life phase of your pup. At this phase he is going through rapid growth thus will require more food to fulfill his demand for food.

You should keep it as fit as possible so he could become physically active. You need to make sure you could see its waste properly.

Keeping in mind the sensitivity of your boxer’s stomach look for any sign that the dog shows regarding its new diet of change in the amount of his diet. In case if it shows any sign discuss it with your vet to ensure your pup’s health.


Growing pattern for boxer puppies

A boxer puppy grows about 2 pounds every week for 6 months of its life. Their weight may vary from 65-80 pounds of an adult puppy. And after that, it slowly gains weight.

There is nothing to worry much about it if your dog does not gain much weight for the first week.

But later it may gain weight and eventually grow 21 to 25 inches tall.


Bodyweight of your boxer dog at different life stages



A 2-month-old puppy around 20 pounds. The male boxer weighs more than the female boxer and the difference gradually increases by age.

You need to keep a check that your dog shouldn’t be overweight or underweight. If it will be underweighted you could see this through his visible ribs and if it is overweight you could not determine his waist.


A 3-month-old boxer puppy might not show a sudden increase in weight within a month but there would be definitely an Increase in it.

Its weight could range from 20-25 pounds. Though its demand for food increases but you should not let it eat on its own because either it may eat less than its requirement or overeat that could upset its stomach.


Once your puppy reaches to the fourth month his weight should be between 28-30 pounds. Their weight increases by their growing age. If you keep feeding them healthy food incorrect amount, they will definitely live a healthy and long life.

So, make sure not to compromise on feeding them the best quality of food that helps them grow well

Because all the diet that they consume at this age will help them grown stronger for their later life as well as their immunity is also increased.


My 5-month-old puppy should be weighing between 33 to 43 pounds. Their weight may differ according to their gender, physical activities, and overall activities.

You need to remain concerned about your dog’s bodyweight because once they gain it, it’s really hard for them to lose it and can cause many serious health issues.

Feed them thrice and don’t let them stay hungry for long as they might get sick.


In the 6th month, you can expect your puppy to be between 38 and 48 pounds. From now the growing rate of dogs will surely slow down.

As now your dog has grown to an adult age you will notice a difference in its physical behavior and its diet.

You won’t notice rapid changes in him as before because his growth may become steady gradually.

Your dog would be taking his diet as same as an adult dog but you need to keep a check on his diet to make sure that their weight is according to their requirements.

To ensure that their weight and growth Is as perfect as mentioned above here are some foods you need to feed them to ensure their healthy growth.

What to feed them:

  • Wet food; wet food is regarded as more nutritious so feed them with it
  • Low grain food; low grain food helps to avoid obesity in dogs
  • Frozen foods are also a healthy diet component.
  • Try feeding your dog the best possible dog foods that are mentioned later here
  • Dry kibble is also really healthy for dogs
  • Stay light on treats as its overdose may upset your boxers’ stomach
  • Green beans are also good for dogs but in the case of boxers, you need to test them in a small portion before making its a proper part of their diet.

The above mention food together is a lot to be fed together so you can choose some of them that suit best your dog. Making the right food choices will help them consume a healthy balanced diet to live a healthy balanced life.


Precautions while feeding your boxer:

As is mentioned above that boxers are a little fussy in accepting new food and they have a really sensitive stomach so you need to make sure that anything that you feed your dog is neither allergic to him nor upsets his stomach.

Sometimes your puppy will not stop eating his food even after eating a good amount of food. So, in this case, you need to make sure that he does not overeats as it may cause bloating.

In other cases do not feed him less than his need as it can cause him weakness and he may not be physically fit as he should be.

While shifting your dog’s diet from one food to another like from baby to adult food, make sure to shift slowly so it may not cause any adverse effect on your puppies’ stomach.

If any of the diets show any negative effect on your dog’s health you should immediately let your vet know about it.

Along with food make sure to keep balance in feeding them watery food and water separately as more water may lead to diarrhea and more water can lead to constipation.


Here are some best dog food companies you could choose from


It is part of Champion Petfoods Company that manufacture dog products that are completely reliable to use and in feeding to your dog.

They have received the best rating from many of the trusted online websites that include Amazon and Reviews.com due to their best quality product that matches customers’ expectations.

This company claims that if your dog is being fed by Orijen products he will be least likely to face any stomach of digestive issues.

The Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen provides the best-dehydrated dog foods and the best quality food for your dog’s healthy life. Moreover, their food is of the best quality and does not harm your dog’s health.

Its formulas contain all healthy ingredients that are Organic oats, fruits like apple, cranberries. Though it is a bit expensive than others it ensures balance and a pure diet for your boxers’ sensitive stomach.

This company is approved by many food authorities’ companies for its safe and pure way of manufacturing it and completely reliable way of processing and packing it.


Lotus natural pet food is a brand of Centinela Feed it is a trusted brand of Los Angeles. its motto is to provide the best quality food for your little companion by adding all the ingredients that are gentle to your puppy’s stomach.

All the recipes of the lotus company meet the diet requirements of almost all the breeds including boxers with all their special ingredients.


ACANA is a dog food brand that is much inexpensive than other brands. Despite being inexpensive it contains really high-quality ingredients. They manufacture products that go through many tests and under the observation of experts.

ACANA’s first preference is to provide the best quality food for your companion. A dog that is on the ACANA diet will surely get all its needed nutrients and dietary requirements.

This company keeps a balanced diet as their first priority while manufacturing food for their dog.


Canidae is one of the most trusted brands that ensure a good quality of products that they manufacture.

It is one of those brands that get its ingredients from nature. Meat from Wyoming farms and fish from the pacific. Thus, it is a product that is all-natural and safe to feed.

It has its own test and research centers to ensure the safety of the product as they highly concern the health of your dog.

Proper care is given to packaging and processing to ensure perfection.


When to visit your vet:

You need to visit the vet if you see the following symptoms in your boxer puppy

  • Vomiting and Diarrhea
  • Lumps or bumps
  • Limping
  • Bad breath
  • Coughing
  • Appetite or drinking changes
  • Urine or defecation
  • Eye or ear problem
  • Itching/skin irritation
  • Lethargy/ change in demeanor or activity level

If you observe any of the above concerns do visit the vet immediately to ensure that problem shall not increase much in the problem. The reason for the above symptoms could be accidentally eating some sort of toxic or allergic food by your dog.

So instead of prolonging it visiting the vet is much safer.

Solving their issue as soon as possible because boxers are kind of sense in this case so they need to be provided with a cure as soon as possible.

Some of the basic concerns and information


The right way of switching puppy food to adult food especially in the case of boxers

Boxers grow in size and physical health at a steady rate for 18 months. They need to be treated with really care when it comes to deal with them and their stomach.

When it comes to switching your dog from puppy food to adult food you need to make sure that you carry this process carefully.

Make sure to do it gradually so it may not affect the stomach of the dog. Once you notice that the diet suits your little companion you may add it as a regular part of it.

What to do if my dog is not accepting adult dog food?

There are many reasons why your dog may not get used to adult food. One of the reasons might be that he is yet young for it, secondly, his stomach could be extra sensitive for it.

In the case of boxers, they are fussy eaters so this might be natural for them.

You need to give him time to accept the adult meal but yet if he doesn’t you may feed them alternatives that might suit him.

Feeding boxer puppy with supplements

Feeding your puppy with supplements is not a good idea as its food already contains an ample amount of nutrients in it which are enough for it.

Despite this, supplements will give them an overdose of nutrients which is not healthy for the boxer’s tummy.

So, instead of giving them supplements feed them with healthy homemade meals that may contain boil vegetables, fish, or oats.

Nutrients needed by your boxer puppy

Though a young boxer puppy requires all kinds of nutrients to ensure its healthy growth. But one of the most nutrients includes protein-rich food. These kinds of foods help in the growth of puppies into young fit dogs.

Avoid feeding them full-fillers and food rich in grain that may cause obesity to them. Overweighted dogs have many health issues that can be proven fatal for them.

Water requirement of a boxer puppy

A general requirement of water for a dog is half or one cup of water every two hours. In the case of boxers, they consume more water than an adult dog. And by age, their water requirement decreases eventually.

If you are adding water to your puppy’s diet you need to give him less water in general than as his water requirement is fulfilled in its food.

Drinking excess water may cause diarrhea in them. You need to keep a record of the amount of water your dog drinks to ensure that it provides them no harm but benefit.

Physical activity or exercise requirement of a dog

This really depends on your dog’s health. If he is bulky then he requires more exercise than a skinny dog. Moreover, those boxers eating a good amount of food need more activity to burn extra calories.

If your dog is weak or eats less make sure he does not exercise too much else he might get sick.

The good rule of exercise for dogs is 5 min of exercise per age every month. This is an average amount of exercise that won’t cause your dog to become tired and neither becoming lazy.

This habit will keep your dog healthy and fit. Not only this but it will help him increase his immunity against many diseases.


To wrap up

Boxer puppies are way more different in nature than other dogs. They demand way more attention while they are being fed with any of the food.

So, being their guardian, you need to make sure you make the right decision not only about what to feed them but also how and when to feed them.

A little irresponsible behavior towards their diet can lead to many serious issues for them related to their stomach especially in the case of boxers.

Making the right decisions at the right times really benefits you. For this, you need to be careful about the way you look after your companion and stay in contact with the vet to avoid any serious health issues associated with your loyal companion.

If you look after your boxer pup keeping the above information in mind you will barely face any problem bringing them up as the above-mentioned ways of bringing them is all about making them live a balanced healthy life.

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