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Ideas for Your beauty and makeup business

I have been serving clients in the makeup and Beauty space such as MUAs and Beauty Bloggers. They all struggle with coming up with new content ideas for serving their target audience and attracting their tribe to their business service or products. I decided to put together 100+ content ideas so you never have to worry about coming up with new ideas to create and curate content to add value to your precious target audience . 

Before we dive into the ideas, I want you to understand why content is key to your business success. Gone are the days of push marketing where you could broadcast your product or service to people and expect them to buy from you. There are too many businesses vying for the attention of customers. It is vital in this digital age to attract your target audience to you, by providing them valuable and useful information.  It is through this value-added information sharing that you can build the KLT factor with your target audience. If you are wondering what’s the KLT factor? It is the Know, Like and Trust factor. Before you can ask your target audience to buy from you, it is imperative that you get them to know you, like you and trust you.

A careful nurturing is required to attract the right tribe to your brand product or service and then keep them engaged with you to develop a relationship based on liking and trust. It is only after you have succeeded in doing that, that you can expect sales conversion to happen.

Without further ado, let me list the various ways that you can create content on topics that can add value to your target audience if you operate in the makeup and beauty space